My Superhero’s Amazing Powers

S is for Superman

If i were a superhero, my powers would be super strength, the ability to fly, and to control people minds. I know most superheros have only one power but I am special so sorry.

I would like to be strong so I could lift heavy things like couches up a three floor walk up. I think that would be awesome to just lift my car up with my finger to change the oil. I also would have no problem with straining my muscles.

I think flying would be awesome because you would never even need a car or and mode of transportation. I could just fly any where I wanted. The only problem with that would be people shooting at you thinking you were some crazy terrorist or something, You would have to have a good dental plan to get all the bugs out of your teeth and not to mention always having to wash the bird poop out of your hair. I still think that being able to fly would be really sweet and cheap.

The ability to control minds is a awesome gift to have. You would never not get the job or even be fired, You could just look in there eyes and and tell them what you wanted them to do for you. I could have used this in childhood when it came to making my brother do my housework for me. Life would be awesome. You could even use it to solve all these crazy issues we have in the world.

I wish I was a superhero. That would be the coolest thing ever. I would be so popular and everyone would love me. I think I would even save some lives while I was at. I also think I would be a little selfish with my gifts.

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Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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