Oreo Cupcakes

I just saw this and had to repost this! What an amazing and easy recipe! I will be trying this real soon!

Les Petits Gâteaux

Everybody loves oreos. It’s like a mandatory trait of humans yes? I mean, it’s apparently America’s favorite snack and I don’t even remember voting for it! It’s just a given.

Just as everyone loves Oreos, everyone will love these cupcakes. Also… surprise! Bite in and find an oreo cookie baked right in the bottom of the cake. Doesn’t get much better than that.


These cupcakes used the recipe found in my recipe section for basic chocolate cupcakes. The difference is the placement of the Oreo cookie in the bottom of the liner before filling it with batter.

For the frosting, I just like to use my regular vanilla frosting, but to blend it with crushed Oreos.

Garnish with a mini Oreo if you wish.


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