Happy Mother’s Day To The Best Mom Ever!


I know that Mother’s day is coming and I just wanted to post something about the woman who helped make me the man I am today.

My mom is the best for a lot of reasons. She is always there to give my advice and encouragement. She always know the right thing to say. She goes out of her way to help others and never expects anything in return.

She is stern and strict at times but was fair. She has always made me and my friends feel at home. She is also a great cook.

Mom, I love you and I know this Mother’s Day is not going to be the way we pictured it but as long as we are with you it will be great. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow afternoon. I want you to keep your spirits high and know that no matter what happens you are always loved.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!!

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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