The Best Feta Cheese Dip Ever!!!


This recipe has a very interesting story!
It was back on the 4th of July when I was introduced to this awesome dip. I was visiting my dad’s girlfriend Joye for a cookout.

We arrived and met Joye’s daughter Hope and her fiancé and they were so nice. Joye had a table full of different dips to try while we were waiting on our meal. I tried this and I was immediately hooked. This dip has so much flavor and is really easy to make. I knew that this was a recipe I had to get and share on my blog. This just proves that my dad has found the best woman possible for him!

8 oz container of block feta cheese
2 table spoons of Olive oil
1 tablespoon of pepperoncini sliced
1 tablespoon of minced garlic
I tablespoon of fresh oregano
1/4 to 1/2 tablespoon of red pepper flakes
1/4 tablespoon of black pepper

1. Throw all ingredients in a food processor and use the pulse setting.
2. Chill for 2 hours.
3. Garnish with additional red pepper flakes and olive oil.
4. Serve with tortilla chips or pita bread.

For larger parties you might want to double or even triple the recipe.


Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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