#18 See The Braves Play One More Time


Have a lot of new things to post in the next couple of days. I know my posting has not been very fruitful as some would say. I can at least tell you that life has happened a lot in the past few months. Been doing a lot of traveling and preparing for Baby Karsyn’s arrival.
I am not going to make a lot of excuses but I promise things will get better readers.

Moving on, I just was going threw my list of 25 things to do and found that I have completed number 18. Here is the story.

As far as my last post goes, Brittney did stop shouting Adele lyrics at me and we made it to Atlanta around 8:30 that night. We got checked in and passed out. Not really a story there. Sorry.

The next morning we went down and had breakfast with the family. Charlee Bell was in rare form and so was I. After laughing and talking about the days plans, we were off on our crazy trip to see the Braves.

I am going to take sometime here to say that I love Atlanta but I hate driving in this city. There are cars everywhere and people will pass you doing at least 85 mph. I was so stressed driving to the stadium that for a second I thought my hands were glued at the 10 and 2 position. Just saying.

After finally finding a parking spot, which costs us $20, we got to the front gate at Turner Field. This game was really special cause it was Chipper Jone’s last game. The game was great cause the Braves won. I even got a special cup with a printed Chipper autograph on it.

All and all, the trip was fun. After the game it started to rain and we made a quick stop in Alpharetta to have dinner with my Uncle David and Aunt Mikki. The road trip home was not so fun cause it was late and raining and my  very pregnant wife was not comfortable at all. So now that we got our last trip for a while done its time to focus on getting ready for Karsyn’s arrival.

More stuff is coming so keep checking in.

#18 See The Braves play one more time- Completed on 09/29/2012


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I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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