Why I Think My Kid Is Making Me Fat

I have really have not had a lot of time lately to blog cause I have been busy. I know that is every blogger’s excuse but in this case it really is. I am even writing a post about what I have been up. My kid really does dictate what I kind of small amounts of freedom I get to have. Even eating a dinner with the wife is considered a treat even when you can eat all of your mashed potatoes without having to grab your kid cause they are crying hysterically. Sometimes I think she senses when we are happen and then makes it her mission to suck all the happiness out of the room.

With all of this being said, I have been having issues with getting my butt back in the gym since our little “fun sucker” has come into this world. Its been so hard to find the time to get there. When I eat something I can actually here myself getting fatter. Ok, that last one was being a little over dramatic. Its been so hard to find the time and one of things that does not help is the fact that I get off work to late that the only thing I have time for is to cook dinner and clean dinner and while the wife gets the baby ready for bed.

I think this post can be considered a ramble and a total “bitch fest” but there comes a time in everyone’s life where they must convert to social media to complain about there lives and how they wish they could be better. It also does not help when I am at work and I check my WordPress.com reader and I see all my fellow bloggers post about fun runs, zombie runs, and how they are loosing weight by drinking nothing but freshly made juice from their expensive juicer they got on Amazon.com for really dirt cheap. I am not bitter but I secretly flip my computer screen off when I see such posts. I seriously hate all of you. Not really but my jealousy is making it hard for me to be happy for you all.

Maybe one day I can finish the Skinny Man Project with a little bit more of a stronger committment I need to learn that cursing my bathroom scale and my tight-fitting pants are just a sign of something better that is coming. Please tell that to my stomach as it compressed in my sweat pants. At least elastic is my friend cause it never rejects me.


Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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