My First Father’s Day!

First let me say that i am so sorry that i have been away from my computer so long. i have had a lot of stuff happen in the past month. I have become an uncle for the second time as you can see the pictures above of my sweet nephew Holden. I have also been busy with some new interest that I can’t wait to blog about. I just want to touch base with you all and share my experience as I celebrated my first Father’s Day.

I woke up pretty early cause my 4 month, who turns 5 months on Friday, was placed on my chest. She had a canvas the said Happy Father’s Day and a card. She even had that sweet smile that I am so madly in love with. My wife of course helped her decorate he canvas and come up with the sweet words that were written in the card. it was perfect and I could not ask for a better present. 

After getting showers and playing while watching Sophia The First on Disney Junior, we took my dad out for lunch, and as you can see in the pictures above, he and Karsyn had a great time. I love my dad and he really is amazing. He is like my best friend and we have so much in common. He is always there for me and my family. He may have been absent when I was younger but he was there for me when I had my sweet girl. He is the best grandpa. 

After lunch we went to Brittney’s sister’s house and made ice cream with the new homemade ice cream makers that Brittney’s dad bought Spencer and I. Spencer is my brother-in-law and Holden’s dad. We ate ice cream and talked about the babies and enjoyed an afternoon photo session. 

All and all My first Father’s Day was the best. I look forward to many more. I am so glad to be the father to such a pretty little girl who brightens my day with her big smile. I just wish she did not grow up so fast. 


Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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