(2) Stop The Madness!- Our Hurry To Move


The past few months have been nuts. Everything from packing to constantly having to check on the construction to of the new house, to having to make sure the mortgage people have everything they need has been a not so welcome stress to our lives. I never thought that planning a move could be so crazy. I used to have no problem finding the time to pack and clean the house. That was before I had a kid too.

Brittney and I are in the last phase of the completion of our new home. We are so excited. We go by the construction site almost 3 times a week and are amazed with how fast these people are putting our home together. One day we went and we had our kitchen cabinets, the next day we had our sinks and toilets, and then a few days later we had a front lawn with a new mailbox.

Things have not all been perfect with the construction process. We have found outlets in the wrong place, windows that have been broken, and we found that our outlet covers are being put on in weird ways. So far they have not been fixed but we are told that they have to be fixed before they inspect the house so we are hoping soon.

Packing our home now has been no easy task. We did get the closets cleaned out and everything off the walls but we still have to tackle the big things like the kitchen and Karsyn’s room. Our garage is full of things we are either trying to sell or give away. Some of the stuff we are keeping like some really nice end tables.

The most satisfying part of this whole thing is the moment I gave our rental company our 30 day notice. Now I have some things to figure our like when to cut the cable, power, renter’s insurance, and internet off so we can set up new services with some new providers at the new house. I have to be able to access the net and watch my shows. I have a list that is so long of things that need to be done that I finally broke down and asked my wife for help.

Regardless of our house looking like a bomb went off, I think that if I just keep a level head and take one challenge at a time I will be able to make this move with no issue. I will be listening to a lot of rest and relaxation music the next few weeks to keep me from flying off the handle so pray I make it through. Hopefully the next time I post it will be from the comfort of my new living room.

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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