Martinis And Another Year Older!


This past Saturday I managed to find a babysitter for K-Dub so I could take BrittWhitFun out for her birthday. Her birthday is not until this coming Sunday but I wanted to take her out this weekend so her family could spend time with her on her actual birthday. I had a very elaborate plan which was take her to The Melting Pot for a nice private dinner for two. The only problem was that there wereno reservations available for Saturday night. I was not going to let this discourage me as I wanted to show my wife a night on the town. I went home after work and we for ready to leave. She decided to head to The Cheesecake Factory to eat.


When we arrived at The Cheesecake Factory they had a two and half hour wait. That was crazy so I looked at my disappointed wife and told her that we she try somewhere that we both have never been. We got back in the car and drove around the corner until we saw P.F. Chang’s. We walked in and were asked by the host if we had a reservation. I answered no as I looked at the floor. I was sure they were going to turn us away. The host looked at me and said that he thought he could fit us in. He took us to a nice table and said enjoy. Our waiter came shortly after and ask us if we have ever been there and was shocked when we said no. He told us the specials and took our drink orders. My wife and I sat and talked about our two favorite subjects which is us and K-Dub. The waiter returned and took our orders while we talked a little more. When our food arrived I was very impressed with how much we had.


After dinner we decided to be different and order dessert which was a peanut butter crunch wonton. It was very good. We also decide to order some martinis and sit back and enjoy our time together. The manager came to our table and said that he heard it was our first time there so he gave us two $10 gift cards with a survey that if completed you get a free appetizer. We were so impressed with how well the staff took such great care of us that we will be making plans to return soon.


After dinner I planned on taking BrittWhitFun to the store for one last birthday surprise. I took her to Best Buy so she could upgrade her iPhone to an iPhone 5s. She was so surprised. I think this was the best night out we had in a long time.

I am so glad I could do something nice for my wife. It’s always good to spend some alone time with your spouse and remember how you got there. I know that none of this would not be possible if I would have not found this girl. She really is the love of my life. Happy Birthday Love!!!

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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