Baby Yes Or Baby No?


No we are not expecting but one question that my wife get asked a lot lately is when are we going to add another member to the team. I am not going to lie that my wife and I have discussed this before. We just keep saying that we will wait until K-Dub is 18 months old. Then it changed to wait til she is 2 years old. No matter what is going on with our lives we always find ourselves coming back to this topic.

If you ask me, I have mixed feelings about having another baby. My opinion is divided into four sections, like a pie chart if you will.  Who said math would not come in handy as an adult? The first section is yes I would love to have another baby. This section is very excited and eager to expand the Funderburke family now. When I say now, I mean like rip off my clothes and climb into bed right now. This section is also extremely horny and does not think about the long-term effects of having another baby. This section also spends too much time on reading about other celebrities who are getting pregnant for the second time and makes him think that he needs to keep up. What this section does forget to remember is that these celebrities also have Olga the nanny who is the active parent and can afford to have multiple little life suckers.

The second section like what is the rush to have another baby? I am not even in my 30’s yet. I am in the prime of youth and still have so many things to look forward to. I still am moving up in my job and have other hobbies I would like to explore before adding another kid in the mix. Also, I am still getting to know my daughter and If you want to say I am selfish then that is fine. I am just enjoying her and if I add another kid in the mix it will be taking time away from her. I am just not sure I am willing to do that.

The third section is absolutely no chance in hell I want another kid. This section has not forgotten about the lack of sleep, constant crying, and the unbelievable amount of money that another baby will cost. This section does not want another kid and is content with just having K-Dub be an only child. We just got K-Dub on a flawless sleeping schedule and like the fact that on most nights she can sleep till my alarm goes off to get ready for work. K-Dub is now more independent and can feed herself her bottle and pick up her O’s and eat them. She can play on her own and in a few weeks we hope she will start walking. Why have another kid and start completely over? This section is selfish and does not care what people think about it.

The last section wants to have another kid but wants to wait until the right time. Lets wait til we have some bills paid and take a few trips before we start trying and when we do start trying lets not just let it happen and not focus on extreme baby making. When it happens, it happened kind of thinking. This section is not eager to add a new kid but will not prevent it from happening.

So that is how my opinion falls. I am very unsure about what I think about having another baby. All I know is that what ever my wife and I decide to do about our family it will be the best choice for us. I have to say that K-Dub deserves to have a brother or sister but as for right now she has her cousins and thats is all she needs. For now.

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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