A Weekend Of Endless Possibilites!

Well the weekend is finally upon us and I could not be more excited! There is something about having a few days to unwind and being free to do whatever you want that is just amazing. The only thing is that I have no clue what I am going to do this weekend. It’s really hard sometimes to come up with things to do but fear not my friends, I have come up with a list of amazing things that could be done this weekend.

1. Clean the house

2. Go see the new Thor movie

3. Take a day trip to the mountains

4. Watch football

5. Get a butterbeer from Starbucks (If you don’t believe me click here.).

6. Take wife on a date

7. Start Christmas shopping

8. Go grocery shopping

9. Catch up on DVR shows

10.  Visit family

So now I have a list of things that I could do this weekend. I might not do most of this but its nice to know I have options. What are your plans this weekend?

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

2 thoughts on “A Weekend Of Endless Possibilites!”

  1. Did you get a butterbeer? Was it amazing??

    I’m catching up with everything this weekend instead of adventuring, haha.

    1. Funny story: I went Sunday to Starbucks and asked for it and the store employee looked at me like I was an idot. Instead of just telling him what was in it, I panicked and ordered a white chocolate mocha instead. I do plan on returning to complete this task. I have to get one.

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