My Fall TV Winners And Losers


As you all know, I am a huge TV junkie. I watch so many shows and every fall I record a bunch of the new shows and give them a chance to “WOW” me. Now that we are almost to the halfway point of the season, it’s not only time for new shows to go on a hiatus for the holidays but also for me to pick which of the new fall shows I will save from the “Delete Series” button. Here is my list of this seasons winners and losers.


1. The Blacklist- This show still has me guessing about whats really going on and is the only show this season that has kept my attention. Just when I think I know whats going to happen, the plot changes and I am left in a state of WTF?

2. Sleepy Hollow- I tuned into this show thinking that it was going to be lame and only last two episodes. I was so wrong. This show is so delightful creepy and fun. It’s a great modern take on a classic story. Every week I am sucked in and left excited to see what happens next.

3. The Goldbergs- I love the 80’s so when I heard about this new show, I had to watch. I immediately could relate to this family and fell in love with them. I also liked to cool 8o’s tie ins. It makes the show even better.

4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine- I am not a fan of cop shows cause most of them are boring but this show is funny. Thats the simple way to put it. I am a huge fan of Andy Samberg so when I saw that he had a new show coming out I  made sure to set my DVR. I am so glad I did. This show reminds me a lot of The Office when it comes to some of the antics these characters pull.

5. Dracula- Who does not love vampires and sex?


1. Betrayal- I started watching this show cause I thought it was going to be like Scandal. I could not get drawn in due to the lack of chemistry from the two main characters. There was nothing that made me want to pull for them and hope that they ended up together.

2. Dads- Not funny and a complete waste of time. I am so hoping that this gets canceled in May. I could not even believe they got a 22 episode order.

3. Marvel Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.- I am very upset with this show cause I was really excited about it. I keep hoping that something will happen that will hook me in but so far I am disappointed every week.

4. Super Fun Night- What the hell is this suppose to be?

5. Hostages- The series trailer made this show look so good but every week its the same thing. The people are captured, they try to escape, and then they are captured again. I am glad this is only 15 episodes cause my patience is running very thin.

So there is my list for the Fall TV season 2013. I hope you agree with some of my choices. Whats your Fall TV winners and losers?

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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