What I Want My Kid To Learn From Me


Well now that BrittWhitFun and I have started to plan K-Dub’s first birthday party. I have to admit I am a little sad and excited to be celebrating this milestone. It’s hard to believe that we have almost made it a year surviving this thing called parenthood. It has not always been easy but I would not trade anything for it. As K-Dub gets older I hope to teach her things that will not only make her a better person but also make a difference in this world. I think that is every parent’s hope for their child.

One thing that I want K-Dub to learn is to always be open to feed others. In my life my parents always had an open door policy which means that everyone was welcome to the house. My mom always had a hot meal to provide my friends who came over. If she was out of food we got to order pizza or grab a bucket of fried chicken. I had a lot of my friends tell me that my house was an escape from their homes where things were not as great. I hope that I can provide this type of environment for my kids. My grandma always made food for people. She was well-known with the Lions Club for making the best chicken and dumplings and she has the trophy to prove it. I guess that is where I get my desire to learn how to cook new things and to always have a meal ready to be served when company comes to visit. The best way to get to know someone is through their stomach.

I want K-Dub to learn to be active. I just started to learn that myself. I wish I would have started this when I was younger. It would have made my life easier. I want K-Dub to get outside  build forts, ride bikes, explore the woods, and play sports. I don’t want her to become a slave to technology and spent her afternoons video chatting with friends on Facetime, playing video games, and watching TV. She needs to save those activities for a rainy day. I think it is important to be active and not be a couch potato. The only way I know how to teach her this is to lead by example. So I am trying to get myself in better shape so I can keep up with her.

I want K-Dub to follow her dreams and do whatever it takes to make them come true. I hope to support her in what she wants to do with no judgement and an open mind as long as it is legal and not becoming a stripper. I have to draw the line somewhere. Right? If she wants to be a dancer, writer, lawyer, doctor, or actress then I will do what I can to help her. I will never tell my kid that she can’t dream, but instead encourage her that the sky is the limit and to never stop reaching!

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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