Why I Am Worried About My Kid!

photo 1

Ok I have to admit that I have seen a lot since being a parent for almost 11 months. Everything from spit up to some up the back poops, but lately I have noticed that K-Dub has been acting strange. Maybe its just me being an over worried parent or there may be something completely wrong with my kid. You decide.

I first noticed it a few weeks ago when I came downstairs. K-Dub was playing in the floor while bouncing along to “The Hotdog Dance” with Mickey Mouse. After she gave me a look like don’t even try to act like Mickey Mouse, I kept on walking to the kitchen to make some much wanted coffee. BrittWhitFun and I engaged in some usual morning conversation when we happen to noticed that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was over and K-Dub was nowhere to be found. I walked really fast into the living room and found her in the corner of the room licking the electric outlet!


Before you panick, please let me tell you that they were covered with those cheap plastic covers. I still grabbed her and moved her to the center of the floor. It was a great reality check to never take my eye off her again. I did not think anything else about it until a couple of night later.

BrittWhitFun and I were cooking dinner in the kitchen and also cleaning up a little bit. K-Dub was in the living room and working on her way to where we were. This time both of us had our eyes on her so we knew where she was at all times. We had the dishwasher opened which is her favorite appliance to play in. Why you ask? I have no clue. BrittWhitFun finished loading it and closed it. K-Dub did not like this very much and wined for a little bit before heading around to the island where I was. I was wiping the counter down when I happen to look down and see my kid making about with the refrigerator. Here is the video and photo for proof.

photo 2


Really? Why is my kid licking the refrigerator. After laughing about for a few minutes that turned into an hour, we filmed it and put it on Facebook for all of our friends and family to see. Lets just say that the video was the talk of the family Christmas party Saturday night.

Then yesterday, I spent the entire day with K-Dub. Just the two of us and watched Disney Junior, ate apple sauce and played with all of K-Dub’s toys. After feeding her a bottle, she crawled around the coffee table and got a hold of the cap to bottle and did this.

photo 3

She thought is was the funniest thing ever. She was walking round on her knees laughing and throwing her arms around. I just looked at her and laugh while in the back of mind wondering is this normal?

So as you can see by these three examples that my kid has either been acting her age, or just being strange. I know that at this age everything goes in a child’s mouth but I never thought it was going to be like this. What do you think? Am I being a little over dramatic or just a concerned parent? Do I need to take a chill pill? Please let me know.

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