Christmas Lights And Milk Beards

Ok so this past weekend I needed to do the one task of the holiday season I put off to the last-minute every year: Putting the Christmas Lights up. It would not be so bad if it was not the most cold and wet day of the month. My face and hands were so numb but I finally finished and this was my masterpiece.

photo 1

I know it looks really simple but let me just say that the hardest part was trying to figure our how to wire the whole thing. That took about an hour and then the actual putting the lights on the house took about 45 minutes.  Next year I plan on not doing it in the rain cause my neighbors looked at me weird from the warmth of their livingroom windows. I guess they were hoping for a “Chevy Chase” moment. Sorry to disappoint.

So this week my wife decided to try giving K-Dub real milk since we are almost to the stage where buying formula will be a thing of the past. YAY! Formula is expensive and if it was not for my local membership to a Sam’s Club, I might be currently living out of a cardboard box.

We have been trying to introduce a lot of “people food” to K-Dub for the past few months to get her use to life after formula. We started with soft foods like apple sauce, mash potatoes, baby food, and even yogurt. After she got use to the idea of eating with a spoon we moved on to meats. She did well with that. She liked everything except for pork, which was a little too tough for her. So this whole milk thing should be easy. Right?

K-Dub tried it and made a weird face. This face is the one you make when you smell something bad. I use to have an aunt who had a face that was stuck this way. I know that face. She then spit it out and smiled. She then took another sip….then another…..and another….then one more. She finished what was in her cup and she looked like this.

photo 2

She is so cute that I could not help but laugh. Can’t wait to introduce juices to her. I think she is going to be more like her dad and love apple juice. Parenthood is so much fun!

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I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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