Christmas Crazy And Other Crazy Stuff


Well we are one day away til Christmas and I am stuck in the office. Working Christmas Eve should be illegal. I have no room talk as Brittney is currently working also but she at least gets to only work half a day. Our poor nanny is having to work Christmas Eve also. Am I going to hell for making her work? I think she also likes to see K-Dub anyways so it works out. You can always tell Christmas is around the corner cause everyone starts to disappear as it gets closer to Santa’s arrival. I am sitting here at my desk and only three people are around me. Why am I even here? Oh, I know! I have a mortgage now!

Last night BrittWhitFun and I went out last night to finish our Christmas shopping. Last year we laughed at those people who were out fighting for the perfect last-minute gift. We were finished shopping on Black Friday. This year we put it off til the last-minute cause we are just that dumb. We went to Target and it was a mad house but we ended up finishing all of our shopping. All of Santa’s gifts are ready to be constructed tonight so K-Dub can play with them first thing in the morning.

Tonight I am going to hang with the in laws and open gifts. I made an amazing Butterfnger Cheesecake last night. I will be sure to post the recipe for you guys as a Christmas present. Its going to be amazing. I hope you guys have a great holiday and be safe.

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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