Support Worth A Million!

I have to start and say that the holidays have ruined my blogging schedule and I am very thankful that they are over with. No more parties, dinners, and decorations to take my attention away from blogging. Yay! This week has been crazy at work and at home. I had to work New Years Day all day and it sucked. I really wanted to take it off and spend the day with BrittWhitFun and K-Dub but there was too much that had to be done. Don’t worry Readers, I will be back stronger than ever next week!

I got really lucky this week and made it to the gym. I am almost to the 20 pounds down mark. I am two pounds away and I am working hard to get there. I just wanted to say thanks first off to my amazing wife for working with my gym schedule and not complaining about it. You have supported my crazy new routine since day one. You are a trooper and I am so thankful to have you. Also, I am really excited to get my new pair of running shoes for my B-day! BEST WIFE EVER!!!!

It’s a funny thing cause ever since I started this new healthy lifestyle everyone I know has come to me and congratulated me on my progress. It’s not only flattering but it keeps me going. Some people around me have even started making changes in their life. If that does not keep me going back to the gym I don’t what will. So thanks to all of you who have encourage me to keep going. I have had a tough time this week cause my old running shoes rubbed a blister the size of a golf ball on my foot while I was completing one of my one hour runs. It hurts and I need to treat it tonight. Once I get that under control I am going to get back in there if not today than Sunday night!

Next week is going to be amazing cause I am taking some time off work to celebrate my birthday! I am going to spend some time with my daughter, whom I feel like I have not seen so much of this week, and also do some heavy workouts this week. I also need to relax after a crazy holiday season. Who knew that Christmas could be so crazy when you have a kid? My kid did not even know what Christmas was! I am in for a tough 17 more years!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I am heading out with BrittWhitFun’s family tonight to celebrate my birthday! I am so excited!

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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