Back To Long Nights And Long Cuddle Sessions


First let me just say thanks for all the birthday wishes. It was a great day and I enjoyed spending the day with myself and I got to do things I have been putting off. I worked out at the gym for three hours and ran almost nine miles. This is a new record for me. I went to the movies and saw Anchorman 2. It was funny and my face hurt from laughing so hard. It was a great day but things took an unexpected turn that evening.

K-Dub caught the RSV bug that has been going around. We actually caught it early and have been treating it at home. K-Dub still has a nasty cough and a runny nose but she is still all smiles. The nights are the worse cause we hear her on the monitor coughing her little lungs out and crying. I am a softy and went into her room and picked her up and we rocked for about an hour and half. It’s not everyday K-Dub wants to snuggle so I took advantage of it. After she finally fell asleep, I put her back in her bed and sneaked back to my room.

At about 2:45 this morning I had not heard anything so I was a little worried. I did not know that BrittWhitFun had already been up with her at midnight. I went into her room just to check on her and she was fine. There is something about a sleeping baby that reminds us that there is something beautiful in this world. Then they wake up and you quickly forget about it. I may be a walking zombie today but at least I was there when my little girl needed her Daddy!!

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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