The First Birthday Low Down! Part 1

Sorry for the title of this blog. I was trying to be a hip dad but instead failed miserably. I want to tell you guys about K-Dub’s first birthday and the fun things that happened. There was so many things that happened, I had to break it down into two parts.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

photo 3

The birthday girl woke up in great spirits and besides not knowing what was going on, she was really happy and eager to hang with Mommy and Daddy. BrittWhitFun and I both took the day off so we could hang out with her. K-Dub and I spent the morning watching Sophia The First and playing with her toys. I must say I might have to start writing my Little People Soap Opera soon.

That afternoon we had to take K-Dub to her twelve month appointment. The doctor assured us that we were doing everything right and gave us some advice about how to get K-Dub off the formula. This advice started a battle that is so epic that I will have to share it with you another day once I catch up on some much-needed rest.

Now before I share with you what happened at the doctor’s office next, please don’t judge BrittWhitFun and I. We are concerned parents and only have K-Dub’s best interest at heart.

After we spoke to the doctor we decided as parents to let them go ahead and give K-Dub her 12 month shots. I know what you are thinking. Are these parents monsters? What kind of parents let the doctors give their kids their shots on their birthday? The answer I have for you all is simple…The kind of parents that know whats best for their kid. Let me just say that it was the hardest thing I ever had to watch and when it was over I held her until she stopped crying. She was a trooper and the bravest kid I have seen.

photo 2

After the traumatic experience of the doctor’s office we decided to have some real fun with our newly one year daughter and took her to the local Monkey Joe’s. We thought that she would love to bounce around in the bounce houses and slide down the slides. What kid would not like it? Man I was wrong. She cried as soon as we got in the baby bounce house and would not let go of me. She hated it. I even struggled to gether off my leg so we could go down the slide.

After we left the scary bounce house place we decided to cap off our daughter’s first birthday with a trip to a place that we knew she would love…. Sweet Frog’s Frozen Yogurt! This was the highlight of the day. After giving her some frozen yogurt, K-Dub got a little crazy! Take a look!

After she calmed down a little, we talked to some family who showed up like Aunt Kape and HJ along with Aunt E, Pop, and Nana! You know I love me some HJ! After laughing and talking about how much we are blessed to have this little girl in our lives, we went home and put K-Dub to bed and BrittWhitFun and sat on the couch and talked about the first year of our little girls life and how fast it flew by.

Also that we had a party to finish planning that was coming up….that Saturday!

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