Adventures At Storytime

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For the past few weeks, I have been taking K-Dub to the library for Storytime. What is Storytime? It is exactly how it sounds but only better. I started taking K-Dub as an attempt to get us out of the house on Mondays and do something that she could benefit from. Also, it gives her a chance to meet and interact with other kids.

When you arrive at Storytime, you take your kid and sit on a huge blue carpet and wait for the “Instructor of the Day” to come in. Once they arrive they greet everyone and ask you to introduce yourself and your kid. After all the parents introduce their selves and their kid we are free to start.

Every week there is a new theme in the subject matter of the books. The first week we were there it was Space, then rhymes, and then this past week was love. I have to say that K-Dub loved all the book choices that were picked out. She sat there and listened as they read them and pointed to all the pretty pictures. I never thought she would sit so still in my life.

After a story is read the instructor does an activity with the kids. This includes a song with hand motions, playing with a parachute, or even fun game. K-Dub loves the shakers and “The Milkshake Song”. She smiles really hard every time.

So we have been to Storytime every Monday for the past three weeks and I have to say that it has become the highlight of my week with K-Dub. I love spending time with her alone cause it gives us a chance to bond. She is so silly. It also helps that her cousin HJ and Aunt Kape comes with us too.

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