(22) Duke The Snowman


Since we had a crazy snow storm this week, I decided, with the help from my sister-in-law, to make my first snowman. It had been a while since I had worked on my 25 things to do list and I know that this was number 22. I wanted to go ahead and knock it out.

First thing was to gather snow DUH!I got it off all the cars and off any flat surface I could find. We had a layer of ice on the ground and under that was even more snow. After you make your base you have to make the middle and the head of your snowman.

Once you make the two sections, you have to stack them and pack snow around them so they don’t fall off. Once you have them stable enough then you can decorate them.

I have to admit that since this was my first time making a snowman, I did not have all the normal stuff you would use for facial features. I ended up using some of K-Dub’s block for the eyes and some bent coat hanger for arm. To give it a better touch, I put a foam finger on the end and my Duke on his head. To top it off, I wrapped my scarf around of his neck.

Duke the Snowman was complete!

22. Build a Snowman-  Completed on 02/13/2014

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I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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