Daddy and Daughter Mondays

One of my favorite days of the week is Monday. A lot of people hate Mondays, but I have come to love them and look forward them every week. Why you ask? Cause its the only day I get to spend alone with K-Dub. I am off work on Mondays and BrittWhitFun still has to go. Also, we give Nanny E that day off so she can get her personal stuff done. So it’s a great time for me to connect with my daughter and really spend some quality time with her.

We use to just hang at the house on Mondays, but now I try to find us a great activity to do either in the morning or in the afternoon. Like I said last week, we go to Storytime at the local library, we go to the park in the neighborhood, or we go swimming like we did this last week. It is just a chance to get out of the house and be around other kids and adults and swap “parent stories”.

I really enjoyed the time we went swimming at the local Aquatic Center. K-Dub loved it when I would hold her on her stomach and move her on top of the water. She would kick her legs and even put her face under the water! She is so brave. I almost freaked out but then calmed down once I saw her laughing and smiling. Her Maw Maw got her a ladybug float and she loved getting in it and hitting the speaking horn. After we got changed and dried off, we grabbed some lunch with Paw Paw and then headed home for a much-needed nap. The nap was for K-Dub and not me, although, I did lay down for about 30 minutes.

Now that winter is almost over, or at least I hope it is, the weather will soon be a lot warmer and we can do other fun activities. We can go one of the local parks, go to the zoo, take a day trip up to the mountains, and we can even go to the new aquarium that is opening up soon. The possibilities are endless. I can’t wait.

On Mondays, I joke around with my wife and tell her that I am a part-time stay at home dad. I am parenting K-Dub, doing the laundry, making dinner, and cleaning the house so my Mondays are super busy. I can’t help but feel that if my situation would allow me to that I would love to be a stay at home dad. I guess it’s because of the fact that when I am at work, I really miss my kid. I also am constantly thinking of all the stuff that I have to do when I get home. Sometimes I feel there is not enough hours in the day. Maybe one day I can reduce my hours at work and stay at home a little more. One day…

For now, I can say that Mondays are the best time for me. I love spending time with my daughter and we are making memories. Thats what I would like to think every parent is trying to do. One day in the future K-Dub will ask me about the times we had off together and I will be able to show her all the pictures and tell her all the stories of what happened on Daddy and Daughter Mondays.




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