My Addiction To House Of Cards


As many of my Twitter followers know, I have been trying to binge watch House of Cards on Netflix for about two weeks. This show has got me hooked and I can’t seem to stop watching it.  Every night I try to squeeze an episode or two after my night workouts. I think my wife is getting tired of my keeping her awake watching it on my iPad .

it’s a very addicting show if you ask me. The twist and turns and the people constantly screwing over their friends and coworkers. The fact the Kevin Spacy’s character will stop at nothing to get his revenge on the people who screwed him over and become President is enough to keep you hooked. Everyone loves a great love to hate character. It’s bad that you want to see this guy win

I hope to finish this show soon. I am not even on season two yet. I am sure my wife would love to have me back . I tried to get her to watch it but she did not really care for it. I am only eight episodes in and can’t air to see what Frank does next!

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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