Things I Said I Would Never Do When I Became A Parent- Restaurant Edition

When you are not a parent you can’t help but notice when kids around you are acting crazy. You first question is always, where is that kids parents at? Before I became a father, I was very quick to judge parents and the behavior that their kids mirrored in public and I always told myself that when I have kids I will never let them act like that.

Here I am. Thirteen months into fatherhood and I have to tell you that a lot of the things you said you would never do is a lie. I have found myself at the conclusion of that a happy child is a happy life. So when in public here are a few things that I have caught myself doing.

1. Letting my kid walk around in restaurants.

How many of us have been out to eat and looked over and saw a kid zoom by our table without an adult behind them? The you look about ten seconds later and see a parent walking, not so fast to be noticed, to stop her kid from running into the kitchen. I remember seeing these kids and thinking that kid’s parent must be slack.  

This past weekend we were out to lunch with my in-laws and K-Dub was becoming restless. She had also had some stomach issues the day before. She kept whining in her high chair and throwing things on the floor. Finally after about five minutes later of trying everything to make her happy, BrittWhitFun took her our the chair. She then proceeded to walk around the restaurant. This would not be so bad if she did not try to visit other people’s tables.

2. Putting food directly on the table for my kid to eat.

When going out, I would see parents just put pieces of food on the table in front of their kids to eat. This would be great if the table had a place mat. I know that when a piece of food falls off my plate, I do not pick it up and eat it cause you never know whats been on the table. Call me a germ freak but I strongly believe that is how some people get sick.

Now that I am dad, it does not bother me. A table is a table, and if it really bothered me, I could always keep some Clorox wipes in the diaper bag. Yea right! No one has time for that! Kids will be kids and kids will get sick. I have never known a kid to die from eating food directly off a table. Besides, they make place mats for kids. I recently bought one at Target for $6.00.

3. Letting your kid be loud.

Nothing would drive me crazy like  hearing a kid cry or bang loudly on a table while the parents ignore them. I would always think that someone needs to shut that kid up.

Like I said before, as long as the kid is happy then don’t mess with them. Let them bang and scream all they want. I mean come on. We were just at a Ruby Tuesdays! It’s not like we were at a fancy place in downtown where my waiter reads me specials in french! Sorry people. I guess that was too much personal experience. I will calm down.

As you can see, my opinion about kids at restaurants has changed since I have become a parent. Now I look at kids and think that I wish there was something I could do to help. Then you look at your own kid banging her sippy cup on the table. You then start to smile and realize that you are too busy keeping you own kid happy.


Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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