Things I Will No Longer Do Since Becoming A Father

When you become a parent your life changes a lot. Soon you find yourself doing things that you never thought you would end up doing. Your schedule changes, you plan outings and get-togethers around nap times, and you never quite get enough time to yourself. Welcome to Fatherhood! That is what my brother told me about a week after K-Dub was born. 

It amazes me how much my life has changed since having a child. Here I am, a year of fatherhood under my belt, I can now say there are certain things that I will never do again in everyday life. Some of these things are by choice and some are by force.

1. Sleep
I almost laughed myself out of my chair when typing this. Sleep is a thing of the past when becoming a father. I use to sleep in on the weekends until 10 and now I am luck enough to make it 8. I went from a solid 8 to 8.5 hours a sleep a day and now I average to about 5 to 6 a night. I have of course become the master of nap time catch ups.

2. Staying up late
See number one! Why stay up when you know you will be woken by that hungry little critter at the ass crack of dawn? Staying up is parental suicide!

3. Getting Drunk
There is nothing like taking care of a baby while nursing a hangover. It is the worse possible feeling i the world. So pay attention to the ads on TV and please drink responsibly.

4. Watching a movie.
In the past year I think I may have seen 4 movies. When having a kid you don’t get to see as many. It was bad that I never saw any of the  Oscar nominated movies this year. If it was never on Disney Junior then I never saw. I did find that I was not the only adult that who realized this. These parents did too.

5. Go out
The only time this happens is when we plan on having a sitter at least a week in advance. It’s hard to be a spontaneous romantic when you have to worry about who is going to watch your kid. Date night use to be so much more easier but now its more like the trying to solve world hunger.

Don’t get me wrong that there are more great things about being a dad than bad. Like a wise person once told me, The only thing that stays the same in life is that it is always changing.


Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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