Ninja Baby And The Toilet Incident



So what I am about to share with you all today is something that I have not even told my wife. Its one of those things that only a father and daughter share and take with us to our graves. Not really but I actually forgot about it until just now. I thought it was a funny story and worth the share.

So Monday I was busy taking care of K-Dub and cleaning the house. We just got a new vacuum cleaner and I was really excited to clean my floors. It was much-needed after the Tan Man left his hair every where you could imagine. So after cleaning up K-Dub’s toys and vacuuming while enjoying the wonderful smell that is Febreeze, I started to hear K-Dub making some serious noise. I was finally done downstairs and decided that I might as well tackle the upstairs too.

After gathering my bathroom and dust cleaners, I headed up stairs to K-Dub’s room. After a quick diaper change, I asked her if she wanted to help Daddy clean. She said “NO!” but I could tell she was just kidding. At least I hope so cause I needed to get this done. So I carried her in the play room where keep her lost toys. Lost toys are toys that we put in the play room that she hardly ever goes in cause we just never hang out up there. In this room there is a lot of stuffed animals including a stuffed life-size Minnie Mouse and a Simba.

After dropping her off in the playroom and turning on Disney Junior, I proceeded head to her bathroom to clean it. I wiped down the sink and the tube. I even went as far as clean her bath toys. I think my OCD was in full force at this time. I was having a panick attack until K-Dub’s rubber duck was completely spotless. I started to tackle to toilet. I put my toilet bowl cleaner along the inner rim and turned to gather the trash. When I turned around there was K-Dub.

After almost falling cause she scared the living hell out of me, I looked down. K-Dub had something in her hand. Her hand was in the toilet. I got closer and saw a that she had decided to giver her stuffed Simba a bath. So Simba’s feet were covered in blue water. Dirty blue toilet water. I took it out and wiped it down with some cold water as K-Dub looked at me and could do nothing but laugh. She thought it was so funny to see Daddy panick.

After getting the blue off Simba’s feet and a quick hair dry session. Simba was good as new and you would never know how we took a dip in our toilet. I have to say that I was, however, very impressed with my daughter’s ninja skills. I never heard her coming.

So I learned two things that day. One being to always look over your shoulder when it is quite. You never know when Ninja Baby is going to attack. Two being that some toys need to stay “lost” more than others.

I guess a third and extra thing I learned is to always keep the toilet lid down.

On the bright side, I still managed to clean the entire house, wash and dry and fold all the laundry, and have dinner ready before BrittWhitFun got home. So I have to say I won!


Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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