Nothing Like A Minivay!

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Ok minivay is not even word but just stay with me.

After my 5k race and wining third place, my wife decided to head on a little adventure. She recently read my post about how I was in need of an adventure and I was happy to go along with it. We drove into Southport, NC and got on the ferry to head to Carolina Beach. I was still in awe of my big win at the race but now I was even more excited for what I knew was gong to be an awesome day.

When we got off the ferry we headed down to Carolina Beach and once we go there and got parked explored a little. We walked on the boardwalk and saw a few shops. I love the beach cause there are so many small shops like an arcade, pizza places, ice cream, mini golf, and doughnut shops.

Wait! Doughnut shops?

That is right! Carolina Beach is the home of Britt’s Doughnut Shop. I heard about this shop from a coworker and I knew I had to try these sweet treats. Hey I just got done running a 5k that I have been training hard for. I needed a reward. So I got some cash from the local ATM and bought me a dozen. I could not wait any longer and took a doughnut out and took a bite. Best doughnuts ever!

After getting my doughnut fix we went and had lunch at Pop’s Diner and had the usual grill food. It was good and the prices were not that bad.

At this point on our adventure I was exhausted but glad to see what the rest of the day had in store. I really wanted to just go and lay on a beach somewhere for a few hours. So my wife and I along with K-Dub and Nanny E headed back across the pond to Holden Beach.

I did nothing but lay my towel down and fall asleep. A beach is the best place to fall asleep. I then got up and played in the sand with K-Dub for a while. It was fun. She is still scared of the ocean. I hope by the time she is five she grows out of that mess.

By the time we got back to Nana’s house we were all beat. I made stew cabbage, Nanny E made a meatloaf, and BrittWhitFun made mashed potatoes, which turned out to be the best dinner ever followed by the rest of the doughnuts from Britt’s.

The next day we packed all of our bags and went out for our usual meal at The Purple Onion Cafe before heading home. All and all, I have to say it was a great weekend. It was a much-needed adventure.



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