When Night Time Feedings Become Deadly


As parents, my wife and I have not yet experienced an entire month of sleeping through the night. K-Dub does sleep however, she usually wakes up around five or six in the morning ready to eat. Then either my wife or I head downstairs to make a bottle. Monday morning this routine went from smooth to deadly.

I was still fast alseep when I heard K-Dub making noise over the monitor. I layed there and hoped that she would quickly go to sleep but then she made another noise. My wife’s hand pushed on my back which means to get my butt up and make a bottle. I got up and put my glasses on and headed out the bedroom door.

What happend next could be considered horrible. It is a miracle I am still here. I was going down the stairs, still half alseep, when I lost my footing and fell down all 15 steps.  Once I reached the bottom of the stairs I heard a lot of noise which sounded like someone running. My wife came out of our room and came down the stairs to see if I was ok. She informed me that the sound came from her falling out of bed to get to me.

After putting my back on ice and resting on the couch, my back was feeling better. Now I know that there are two things I have learned from this experience. Always hold the rail when going downstairs and that I need to start getting K-Dub off the night time bottles.

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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