The Night To End All Nights



So after we celebrated Easter with full belly and tired eyes, we came home to get K-Dub ready for bed. On a normal night the process is a bottle, putting on PJ’s, then a bedtime story, then bed. On a normal night K-Dub goes to sleep without any issues but this night was very different. It had been questioning my ability as a parent and left me with the revelation that things can change in an instant when being a parent.

We did our normal routine and I put K-Dub in her crib and kissed her forehead before quietly leaving the room. Then K-Dub started to cry. I just thought that maybe she was fighting sleep so I left her for a few minutes as I listened on the monitor. BrittWhitFun started to get anxious as the crying got louder. It became apparent that this was not a “fighting sleep” cry. This was a “something is wrong” cry. I went back into her room and scooped her up and swayed her. I had my shirt off and she laid her head on my bare shoulder as we swayed back and forth. Then she moved to my other shoulder and I noticed that my left shoulder was completely covered in snot. My poor baby girl had a cold and super congested.

At this point it was 11:00 pm and I was dog tired but I had a little girl who needed me. So what does any parent do when their child won’t go to sleep without being held? I took her downstairs and we watched Game of Thrones while we snuggled. After watching the past two episodes, K-Dub was beyond tired but could not get comfortable. So I attempted to elevate her by letting her sleep on my chest. We both maybe fell asleep by the time the clock stuck 1:00am.

I finally got her to be quite and I took her back to her room and laid her down in her crib very softly. I filled her humidifier and turned it on before exiting the room like a ninja. I crawled in my bed and drifted off to sleep for what felt like a day but was really 45 minutes when K-Dub started crying again. BrittWhitFun got up with her this time.

Since I was asleep in the bed I did not know what exactly happened but from what I gathered was that my wife was up with K-Dub for a long time. Finally at around 7:00 am she woke me up and asked my to watch her so she could get some rest.

The whole day we were exhausted and tired. K-Dub already had a doctor’s appointment so we went to the doctor and basically was told she had a cold and that we were just going to have to deal with it. The next night she fought us on going to sleep again but then went to bed before waking up again at 3:00 am. So that was not bad.

I have to say that was the first of many nights to come that made me question my parental abilities but at least I got some sleep the next night and I am now caught up on Game of Thornes.

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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