Splashing The Planet With The Kiddos

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As many of you know, I always tried to do at leat one fun activity with K-Dub on Monday. We go to the indoor pool at the gym, take a nice long walk in the neighborhood, or spend the day at the park. I have found it very easy to keep K-Dub active and entertained and she always finds away to make her Daddy exhausted. Although it is easy for me to find fun things to do with K-Dub on Mondays, my wife has had a rough time trying to find things that are not too pricy and fun to do with K-Dub on Saturdays.

 I work every Saturday and my wife works on Mondays when I am off so we each try to make a special activity for us to do with K-Dub to get some quality time with our daughter. My wife most of the time just tries to find something for them to do around the house, like a craft,  make some kind of new recipe, or almost 98% of the time my mother is there to see them.

Last weekend, my wife came up with a great idea. My mother-in-law was busy and was not able to make the long trip from Hickory to come for her visit, so my wife started to look on the internet for something for her and K-Dub to do. After a couple of hours of searching she found it. After finding her destination, she called her sister Kate and asked if she and my nephew, HJ would love to come. They agreed.

Where was this amazing place you ask? It was really amazing and a lot of fun. It was in the heart of the city of Charlotte. It was called Ray’s Splash Planet, which is an indoor water park and also a recreation center for Mecklenburg County residents.

I actually was able to get out of work early so I could go too. I met my wife and her sister and we left with the babies in tow. When we arrived there was hardly a place to park. We ended up parking at a local elementary school and walked over.

The line to get in was very unorganized, but once we finally got in it was worth it. They had a splash playground complete with little slides and tunnels. They had a big pool with a vortex that I did not care for. They had the big tube slides to go down. We stayed close to the kids who had a blast splashing around. They had so much fun that they passed out on the way home.

All and all it was a great day and will be back soon.


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