The Force Was Strong On Sunday!


As many of you know and did in fact celebrate it, this past Sunday was Star Wars Day! Yes I feel my inner geek coming out as I am typing. I actually forgot like I do every year. I blame my kid. My dad actually reminded me on Friday when he came over to the house to see K-Dub.

So what was one to do on such an awesome, not-so-real holiday? Watch Star Wars of course.

The only problem was that I had a lot of stuff to do on Sunday and could not get to my favorite of the six movies, which is of course Return of the Jedi! I had a party to throw for BrittWhitFun’s grandma(which we call Nana). I also had to do some house cleaning. By the time I got upstairs I was exhausted.

I popped the DVD in and hit play and just like that, I was in a galaxy far far away. I saw my favorite parts like the big speed chase through the ewok infested forest and then something crazy happened.

I woke up and the movie menu was playing. I had fallen asleep through the last half of the movie. I felt bad. Maybe next year I will do a better job of remembering and make a plan to have a Star Wars movie marathon at the house. I might even dress K-Dub up as Yoda. That would be cool.

Although my Star Wars Day was a bust, check out these awesome families and how they celebrated Star Wars Day!

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I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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