What I Learned About Being A Dad From My Mom


As we all are aware, Sunday is Mother’s Day and its time to reflect on how your mom has impacted your life.  This week I have been trying really hard to come up with something to do for my mom for Mother’s Day and then I came to a sudden halt. I realized that I am not even going to see my mom on Mother’s Day. I have to work all weekend. It sucks but you have to keep the food on the table.

I sit here today thinking about my mom and how much she means to me. Then I started to think about my daughter and that I would not be the dad I am today if it was not for my mom. Why is that you ask? These are some things my mom taught me that made me a better father.

Quality time should be all the time. One of the things my mom always would do for my brother and I was to take us to the local theme park every Friday night. She also took us to the movies, the mall, out to dinner, and even baseball games. To this day, I still have no clue if she like doing these things but one thing was very clear and that was that she enjoyed her time with her boys. I try to do this with K-Dub. I love talking her to the park, the pool, on walks, and to lunch. I want her to look back and one day say that her dad did things with her. Just like my mom.

Be patient. This is one of those things I am horrible at. My mom struggled with it too but she always was there when baseball practice ran late, when we took to long  picking out what we wanted at the ice cream place, and when it took a long time to mend my first broken heart. Just wait and that is all.

Be supportive no matter what. My mom never told me that I could never do something. She supported every crazy idea I had. When I decide to join the military and when I decided that it just was not for me, she would just encourage me and support what I decided. I want to be this way with my daughter. No matter how crazy they are. As long as it’s not life threatening.

Be independent. My mom was never a “helicopter mom”. She knew how to keep her distance and let us pass or fail. Although she was always there to cheer us on or to pick up the pieces, she made sure we found our own way.

These important lessons have made me the father I am today and I could not have been this way if it was not for the amazing mom I had. She is the best. I hate that I am not going to see her on Sunday but I know she is going to read this and just know how much I care about her. We have that type of relationship that we can go a long time without speaking and then when we finally do, we don’t skip a beat. Love you mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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