Another Race In The Books!


photo 2

This past Saturday I had my second 5K race and I have to say it went very well. I was so worried all week leading up to Saturday that I certain that I was going to make a fool of myself.

It did not help things when my wife reminded me that I had not trained nearly as hard for this one as I did the last one. This truth made me more worried as I was sure that all the hard work I did attempt to put was going to be all for nothing.

Saturday morning came quick. I woke up at 6:30 am and put on my race attire. I put on the same stuff I wore at my last race cause I am ver superstitious about stuff like that. My wife got K-Dub up and dressed and then we were off.

We arrived at the Monroe Aquatic Center 20 minutes before the start of my race. My dad was already there waiting on us and gave me some last words of encouragement as I stretched and warmed up. Then it was time to line up. I took my position at close to the back after getting a good luck kiss from BrittWhitFun and K-Dub and then I heard GET SET, GO!

I was off to a great start, I was passing a lot of people while still keeping a steady pace. My music was pumping the usual MC Hammer jams and I was in a good place. Soon I was in my second mile and I started to get tired but kept pushing and pushing. Soon I was in mile three and I felt like I could die but still kept pushing harder and harder. The sun was beaming down as I was going up the last hill. Finally the finish line was in my sight and I decided to sprint. I ran faster and faster and I saw my wife and daughter clapping and cheering as I got closer to the finish line. I crossed the finished line feeling accomplished and happy.

photo 5
Crossing the finish line!

What was my time?

Did I place?

These questions were burning in my mind as I sipped on my water and tried to cool off. Then I noticed the results were posted on the wall. I walked up to the wall and saw my name. My stats were as follows.

Time: 26:51
Overall Place: 57
Division (20-29): 5
Gender Place: 36

So I did not place but I beat my time so I will take it. If the age divisions were every five years instead of 10 I would have placed with no problem. The point is that I completed my second 5k better than ever. I am ready for my next race but I have some great activities planned this summer and I can’t wait to tell you about my upcoming adventures.


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