My Gym Fail- The Wet Pants Incident


A funny thing happened to me yesterday after my workout. This has never happened to and looking back it is really funny. It was not so funny yesterday.

So I got to the gym very early in the morning around five. I went I to the locker room and hung my pants up that I was going to wear to work then headed upstairs to the track to do mile four mile run.

After finally finishing my run I headed back downstairs while sipping on my water bottle. I got to the locker room and got ready to take a shower. I put my water bottle on the top shelf and headed to get cleaned off.

After showering I went back to my locker to get ready for work and found that my pant were completely soaked. I was stood there with a blank expression on my face. The. I looked up and saw that I did not screw the cap on my water bottle tight enough and it had leaked all over my pants.

So I stood there wondering how in the hell I was going to fix the situation. It was too late to head back home for another pair of pants and it was going to take forever for these pants to dry. So the only solution I had was to wear my dirty, smelly, and damp workout shorts to work.

The entire day I was in my workout shorts and a polo shirt that did not even match. I stood out like a sore thin all day. My coworkers got a good laugh at my explanation and picked on my all day. Another bad thing was that I could smell my shorts all day. It was gross!

You would think that I took these shorts off when I got home. I did not and actually went to dinner and had a trip to Target in them. Why not? By that time the smell had burned a permanent hole in my nose so I was invincible to the horrid smell.

So lesson learned today to always make sure the lid to your water bottle is screwed on very tight before heading to the showers. If not then you get wet pants and smelly shorts!

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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