Summer Adventure 6- Under The Sea


On day three of our crazy vacation we decided to take K-Dub to the local aquarium at Fort Fisher, NC. One of the things you have to realize is that in order to get there you have to take a ferry ride from Southport. No big deal right? We were so wrong.

As many of you might not know, all of those Nicholas Sparks movies are filmed in Southport. Actually they are fixing to start filming another one soon. It’s a nice town with beautiful views of the ocean and one of those places you just have to see to believe. I love it there.

We arrived at the ferry station at one and found the we just missed the ferry by a minute and that the next one was not going to be there for another hour. This was a challenge cause we had a toddler in the back that is not very good at waiting. My data plan on my phone would only let me watch but so many episodes of Sophia The First on YouTube. K-D was getting restless and pissed. When we finally got on the ferry it was another 30 minutes until we arrived at For Fisher. We ended up having to play in the car and make numerous funny faces and peek a boo gestures to make her happy. It was exhausting but that is parenting.

Once we got there we saw some alligators and snakes along with some box turtles. K-Dub really liked to turtles. We then went to the petting area where you got to pet a crab and a starfish. K-Dub hated this and had a tight grip on my shirt along with some of my chest hair. It was painful and Daddy got the message.

We then entered the area where they keep the sharks and stingrays and other huge fish. There were huge windows that you could watch as the swam in front if you. K-Dub loved it as the fish would swim right in. Front if her and she could point at them. She had a ball along with running around between BrittWhitFun and I and trying to jump.

We got to see and let a jellyfish. It was safe and it was a lot of fun. We got to see a 300 pound grouper which was crazy. They had a lot of other small fish that K-Dub liked. She had a ball and said “fish” for the first time. It was sweet.

When we left to get back on the ferry we found we had just missed it again and waited another 45 minutes for the next one. This time it was not so bad cause K-Dub fell asleep until we got on and then her and mom went and sat in the top deck of the ferry while I passed out myself.

It’s sad that our beach trip has come to an end and now we are on the way home as I am writing this. We still have a lot of fun things planned this week. You seen anything year folks. Until next time!

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I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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