Crossfit Challenge- Day 3


Happy Fourth of July Everyone!!!

I started my holiday with day three of my month long Crossfit challenge and I am tired. This whole week I have been pushing myself harder than I have ever. I am getting really good results and I am starting to get some definition in my arms. My wife loves it!

Today we learned how to use the row machine and do squat thrusters. I have to say that when I got there I was not feeling it. I really wanted to stay in bed this morning and not go but I committed myself to finish this month.

After we did our 400 meter warm up run I was ready. We partnered up and did the following workout:

500 meter row
10 squat thrusters
500 meter row
10 squat thrusters
500 meter row
10 squat thrusters

The team with the fastest time wins and that was my team. I came in at my three sets at 3:28, 3:22, and 3:19. Not bad for someone who is just starting out.

Ready for day 4 on Monday to see what is going to be thrown at me next.


My arms have never looked this good!

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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