What Guys Night Was And Now Is


So this past weekend my wife and I decided to have a night apart. She made plans with her friends to go wine tasting and I made plans for a guys night with my brother-in-law. I was getting really excited about because it had been so long since I had a guys night. I totally forgot how much fun they could be.

Back in my younger days( That is something I thought I would never say) my guy friends and I would meet up at the bar, order cheap beer, talk about sports and women and our jobs. We would use curse words and exchange dirty jokes and tell humorous old stories that we heard about a hundred times but they never got old. Almost every night would end around 2 am and a crazy hangover the next morning.

This night was different. Why you ask? Cause this guys night was more of a play date between two dads. Yes the babies came with us. We had a great dinner at our local Mexican restaurant. Spent half the time trying to get our kids to eat and the other trying to talk about our kids. There were no dirty jokes but just us trying to keep our kid’s behavior in check. No alcohol was served but just sweet tea and water out of sippy cups. We talked about how great it is being a dad and topped the night off with frozen yogurt. We played a fun game of which kid could have a sugar rush first. Afterwards, we said goodbye and went home and had the kid in bed before eight. The next morning all I was left with was the job of making and feeding my kid breakfast and cleaning my kitchen but all with a smile.

Being a father has changed a lot of things for me but in a great way. Since becoming a father things like drinking till two in the morning don’t seem that fun to me. Every once in a while I enjoy a night where I get to not share my food or pick sippy cups off the floor or having to rush home so I don’t miss bedtime. I always say that my biggest issue with some parents is that they forget they are people.

I hope my next night out is a daddy and daughter date. They are fun and it’s special time I get to treasure being a dad to such an amazing little girl!

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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