Crossfit Challenge- Day 8


I got a nice surprise when I got to Crossfit Indian Trail this morning. I walked in and saw Coach Jared was back! He was only there for the day but he decided to teach me my class this morning. I was so excited!

Today he taught me how to do arm clings with a bar. After a few times I was still having trouble. He told me to stick my butt out more. He said that he call it “booty butt”. Out of all the things I have learned that was most likely going to be the one that stuck with me.

Then we reviewed the sit-up. Crossfit sit-ups are a lot easier and I think that’s they way I am going to do it for now on. It really works your abs after doing 20 in a row.

Then we did our WOD.

10 arm clings
10 sit-ups

Then a set of 9 all the way to 1.

By the time I got done I was tired bit I took longer with my workout to get the form right on the arm clings.

Too bad Jared is going to be gone again. Workouts with him have been fun and educational.

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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