Guys Night In


So my wife and daughter decided to go on a girls trip and leave me at the house alone for a couple of days. When she told me she was going I was excited sad. It was the first time we slept apart for a long period time since we were dating.

I got off work and headed home to feed Tan Man and then I headed to the gym. The best thing about this was I got to workout as long as I wanted to. So I ended up working out for about two hours. I then got some good and headed home. Did you think I was actually going to cook.

When I got home and showered I ate my food while watching Extreme Weight Loss, which is the best show ever, and are my dinner. I was thinking to myself that this was awesome.

I went to bed around 11 which is something I never do. My wife and I are usually in bed by 9. I laid in bed and looked at the ceiling. Then it hit me. I was alone. This is what it feels like to be single. I have forgotten what it was like and I hated it. I started to miss my wife and child really bad so I did what any dad would do. I got my phone and started looking at pictures of us. After about 20 minutes I finally fell asleep. During the night I found myself waking up and reaching on my wife’s side of the bed and then being reminded that she was not there. I would became sad again.

This morning I made my breakfast and packed my lunch and headed out the door and just repeated to myself that they will be home on Friday. I think tonight I will need a FaceTime session with them as soon as I get home.

What I learned: Guys night in is not what it cracks up to be when you are a family man.

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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