My Child Is The Hulk! What Can Your Kid Do?


So it’s been a while since I have blogged about my kid. I don’t know why but she has grown up so fast in last few months. She has her own personality and she has moods. Not all of them are good. She can be both good and bad and she is really strong.

K-Dub is mean. I know people should not say that about their kid but for my daughter it is true. I ask her if she loves Daddy and she tells me no every time. EVERYTIME! It’s so frustrating. She decides when she gives kisses and fights tooth and nail about eating dinner. That’s right! Dinner at our house is like living in the movie The Hunger Games everyday. EVERYDAY! It usually results in my wife crying. Just this morning she called me and she was upset. She had to drop K-Dub off at her dads so she could run some errands and K-Dub would not even tell her bye or give her a kiss.

Besides her crazy mood swings and anger issues( which she gets from her mother), she is in a weird way very strong. She can mover her little plastic table across the room carry six grocery bags at one time. They are empty but you get my drift. She can even throw her blocks and book clear across the room. Her new favorite thing to do is move the kitchen chairs around. So when we get ready for dinner it’s a game of musical chairs with no music and me looking for the chairs. I guess it’s not musical chairs at all.

So between my kids anger issues and her super baby strength, she is turning into quite the little hulk. I just hope she does not turn green. Some people call it the terrible twos but this dad calls it a small preview of what it’s going to be like when she becomes a teenager. I better buy a helmet cause those blocks really hurt.

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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