Week 1 Of Being A Stay At Home Dad


So this was my first week on duty as a stay at home dad. Since becoming unemployed I have been really busy with other things such as settling my late father’s affairs and helping my mom, who just had her foot amputated. Still I had to be on dad duty and let me tell you there were a few times this week where I wanted to pull what’s left of my hair out.

I had to take K-Dub to the doctor in Monday to get her flu shot. She was a real trooper and I was the one who about lost it. This week was great cause I got to spend some much needed time with my little one. I taught her how to talk while holding her nose and how to dance. She already new how to dance but she need some new moves.

The hardest part of this week was taking care of both my mom and a baby at the same time. I found myself taking K-Dub to her Aunt Kate’s house so she could nap. It also gave me some time to work on some other stuff. Everything we went to my moms house I was constantly worried about what K-Dub was getting into and if my mom needed anything.

I became so stressed that my wife gave me a Saturday off and I finally got to go on a much needed three mile run and also enjoy a quite time at the local Starbucks. It was what I needed after a crazy week. After a much needed rest time this weekend I am ready to see what week two brings. Hoping this week to get more exercise time in and also finish more of my dads stuff.

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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