Why I Am Sick Of Curious George


So our family has been under attack the past week. There is a very bad stomach bug going around and it started with my sweet nephew Holden, then his mom and dad. Somehow it crossed over to our house and I was sick all weekend and now my wife has it.

Since she has been upstairs getting better I have been the only one to watch K-Dub. I have parented alone before but today was an exception. K-Dub has be spending her days at Aunt Kate’s house and she has been exposed to Curious George. I don’t have a problem with the little monkey. In fact, the original stories are my favorite as a child. The show however is annoying.

All day she wanted to watch George. On my phone, iPad and TV, at breakfast, on the way to the store, and during snack time. I at first was ok with the little monkey entertaining my kid then as the day went in I just got really tired of him.

I don’t really think monkeys should be allowed in restaurant , hotels, and parks. Does anyone else think it is weird that this little monkey is just walking around everywhere. Anyway, by dinner time I was done and turned him off. This was of course after realizing we had sat threw the entire third season on Netflix. Maybe tomorrow I will feel different but until then…

Stupid Monkey!

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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