29 Looks Real Good!



So today I turned 29 years old. Besides the incredible doom of turning 30 that is now only a year away, I am excited. It’s hard to believe that I am this old. I sure don’t feel old.

Today I did what any good domestic husband and father does and went couponing. Harris Teeter had super double coupons this week so it gave me the opportunity to stock up on some All detergent. I got 6 bottles and 6 packs of pods for $0.89 each! Nothing like saving money to get you feeling like you are so on fire. Man what a rush!!!! More on that later.

After that I got my free birthday drink at Starbucks which was a iced Caramel macchiato and of course it had to be a Venti. So I sat there thinking about what this yer was going to bring forth in my life. What did I want to achieve this year and where did I want to go. Would it be a new job or maybe new physical challenges? So here is what I want to do this year before I am 30.

1. Run a half marathon.
2. Go to a new place.
3. Find a new job.
4. Add on to my family.
5. Cycle more.
6. Go camping
7. Go on a very long day hike.
8. Take my wife away for a weekend.
9. Lose more weight.
10. Get a handle on my nutrition.

So after coming up with this list I went and had lunch with my mom and she got me a red velvet cake. Did you no that there are no calories on your birthday? It’s true or at least that’s what I chose to believe. After lunch my wife took me to a nice and dinner with our little peanut and I have to say I can’t wait to see where 29 is going to take me.

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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