#PregnancyProblems Weeks 6 to 8

It’s been a long time since my last post due to the fact that our lives have been nuts. When I say nuts, it’s more of an excuse for the amount of chaos our lives ….

Sorry for the pause. I am trying to write this post at a local Starbucks and some asshole with his iPhone buds in his ear is talking about spreadsheets with some other asshole. We get it! You are a super douche who has nothing better to do than to talk extremely loud and walk back in forth while talking about something that no one is interested in. Sorry I am a little ill. After you read this you will have a better idea. Ok back to my story…

First let me say we are super thankful for the positive comments and tweets regarding our pregnancy announcement. You guys rock! Like I said before our house has been crazy. K-Dub is in daycare which made me cry really hard like someone stole my puppy or when the last episode of Parenthood aired. That show gets me EVERYTIME! I started a new job at the newspaper and I have to say it is very fast pace and deadline driven. I love it. I thrive in chaos very well. That’s why I am a amazing father and husband. I am also a conceded asshole. Sorry. My wife is just super pregnant and experiencing a lot of issues.  

Let’s start with K-Dub. She started saying “I love you Daddy” and it melts my heart. She is potty training very well except with a few bad incidents. I took her pee and she pooped her pants and it fell on the floor and I stepped in it. Yes this happened and it was my first day at my new job. I was almost late due to cleaning my child’s turd off my shoe. Not my finest moment as a father. She loves daycare even though today is her fifth day and she started last Monday. More on this later. She loves her horsey and takes it everywhere. If you forget it, it will be hell on earth. My daughter voice turns into a screeching sound like someone had released the Kracken! The struggle is real. 

Now my wife is not very pregnant unlike I said before. She is only eight weeks. I remember when she was pregnant with my daughter this meant that she never wanted to be touched and sex was always out of the question. This time a round she is sick all the time, tired ALL THE TIME, and can’t poop. She stays sick all the time. She is constantly holding her mouth like a nun who needs to drop the f-bomb. I started calling my wife Gladess due to her being tired all the time. I don’t know many 28 year olds who go to bed early but my wife is totally ok with going to bed at 8:30. Yes you heard me! It makes it hard to have alone time with her or plan a date night. I found this out on Valentine’s Day by having to schedule our date at 4:00 PM. This really happened. 

When my kid started daycare it only took two days before she brought a friend home with her. By friend I mean a crazy stomach virus that lead to us having diarrhea and nausea all weekend. The diarrhea was mostly my thing cause my wife is pregnant and can’t poop. Yes this is a true pregnancy symptom. It got to the point where she went and got some apple juice to help losen her stool. As for me I could not stop going. It was horrible but a great way to loose weight. Seriously great. 

Now we are suppose to get an ultrasound of our little nugget tomorrow so we can hear the heartbeat. I am excited but I hope the snow stays away long enough. We will see. I can’t wait to have this newest addition join the crew. After reading this story you are either excited or scared for our little peanut. Sorry future son or daughter this is your family. We promise not to screw you up that bad! 

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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