Why Are You Not Listening To Me?

Since becoming a father I have learned one very important thing. Kids do not listen at all! I know this may seem a little bit on the “DUH” side but it is 100% true. They say once you become a parent that you will be automatically paid back for all the horrible things you did to your parents. I mean when I was a kid I was not that bad but still lied to my parents all the time and did some secret badass stuff that I am still sworn to take to my grave. Sorry but I am not going to jail based on a confession written on this blog. Sorry guys!

My daughter has been bad lately. Not bad like just leaving her toys out and me stepping on those damn Legos in the middle of the night bad. I mean full on tantrum and nothing makes her happy kind of bad. The kind of bad that makes me want to sell her to the highest bidder. That bad. I guess I need to start from the beginning.

So since I went back to work we had to put my K-Dub in daycare, which is always something I never wanted to do but with both of her parents working it was time for her to be around other kids that she was not related to. The first week she was sick cause kids catch-all sort sorts of crazy things at daycare. I really think that the teachers really should wear hazmat suits caused those kind of places are crawling with germs.

After a few days of rest and some love from Mom and Dad she was back in the swing of things. Then we were faced with a different problem.

Everyday after we picked K-Dub up she was crazy hungry and super angry. I made a word for that. It is call “hangry” She would come home and eat from the time she walked in the door until she went to bed. I know what you are thinking and yu may be right. Maybe she was going through a growth spurt but this has gone on for three weeks. How much can this girl possibly eat. I only have so much food in my stockpile from couponing.

The tantrums are horrible. I have to say I never really believed it when people said that kids go through “the terrible twos”. I just thought that maybe they needed to have more “come to Jesus meetings” with their kids. Anyways, K-Dub has had some so bad ones. Everything from throwing herself on the floor, to kicking and screaming, to pushing us away. Its been a little much and they have been for the most dumbest things. Like one day she threw one cause my wife came in from the garage and not the front door. She also did this cause we told her it was time leave the park.


So its been a little crazy in our house then it usually is. Finally on Saturday my wife and I snapped. We grabbed her and put her in timeout and she looked at us like “OMG! What have I done?” She had a good reason tho think that cause Mommy and Daddy had enough and we laid down the law. Since then we have not had as many issues with K-Dub and her crazy tantrums.

So how do you handle it when your kid throws an epic fit? What makes you finally tick? My wife is the more calm one and I am the one who wants to jump in a punish her as soon as possible. My prayer for now is to seek a more calm approach to my kid when she acts crazy. I guess I could always just sell her if she keeps acting crazy. I am kidding! Am I?


Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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