Back To The Box

So after a lot of talks to my wife and really assessing where I wanted to be in my overall health, I have decided to jump back on the bandwagon and go back to Crossfit. As many of you can remember, I have did a 4 week crossfit challenge back in the summer. I fell in love and really have been thinking about it ever since. Like with everything I do, I did some research to find not only the best box in town but one that was affordable. I reached out to the manager of a local box last week and ask him what he offered. He asked me to come by the box and try a class for free. I had nothing to loose and I was already confident that I could do so I said ok.

Monday morning I got up at five in the morning, which is something I have not done since working with the bank. I forgot about how much it sucked. I got on my workout clothes and drank a few glasses of water and headed out the door. The entire I was thinking  to myself “Am I ready for this?” My hands became cold like they always do. Thats what they have done ever since I lost all that weight last year. I guess that means I running out of hand fat. Does hand fat even exist? I will save that one for another blog entry.

When I finally arrived and went inside there were only three other people in there beside me. A guy who had a beard that looked like he was a long lost member of the Duck Dynasty family, an older single mom who was really loud, and the owner who looked like he could bust a watermelon between his hands. It was an odd group. The guy with the beard actually was pretty cool. The kind of cool person you just randomly start talking to over a few beers. Oh beer! I miss you, If it was for the gout you cause me i would be a famed member of AA. The owner came and shook my hand and then the front door opened and in walked in three more members of The Single Moms Club. I knew they were single moms cause they said the had to hurry home after the workout to get the kids to the bus stop in time. Also, almost every other sentence was about a disgruntled ex-husband. It made me want to ask them if they knew why they were still single. I refrained and turned my attention to the owner/instructor. It was warm up time!

The warm was not that bad. There were kettle bell swings, pushups, squats and other basic crossfit exercises. I moved from one exercise to another flawlessly. The owner asked me what was my story. I told him about the half marathon I was currently training for and that I really needed to do this to get my strength built up for the race. After another five minutes he showed me some great mobility moves and before I knew it was time for the flowing workout.

As many rounds as you can in 3 minutes:

7 Burpees

7 Jumping Squats

3 minute rest

3 minutes of double unders or attempts.

Repeat 1 more time.

After the first round I was feeling good and ready to finish this workout. Double under are nothing but fast jump roping which is something I suck at anyways. I basically just went very slow and kept trying. When I was done I was relieved. Everyone came up to me and welcomed me and then the owner asked me to come back. I think I am going to like this. The next morning I sure felt the pain in my chest and back but I know it means that was I did worked.


Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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