My Kids Art!

So My daughter has been in daycare now for almost two months and I have to say that she had done really well adjusting. I was worried those first few weeks when all she wanted to do was cry when we dropped her off and then cry when we picked her up. I would come to get her and find her either in the teachers lap or in the corner all by herself. This had me worried that my daughter was not going to be a social butterfly like I had hoped. She does get that from both her parents. Her Mom and I where not the social kids growing up. Now we love to talk to people except the ones we went to high school with. I don’t know why my wife ducks behind the aisle at Target when she sees someone she went to school with. True story.

As the weeks went on she started to come out of her shell. I walked up to her last week to pick her up to find she was playing in the sand box with three other kids. She was totally covered with sand but at least she was playing with other kids. Now she has her friends Jonah, Abree, and Eric. She talks about them all the time and are the main focal point in conversations in the car or dinnertime. Maybe there is hope for my daughter! Maybe she will be that girl with a lot of friends. I think that every parent secretly wishes that for their child. No one likes the shy kid. Trust me cause I know.

Now my daughter has become a daycare superstar! She was laughing and playing in a picture that her teacher texted my wife and she is even making crafts. She made this sweet craft last week to celebrate Spring. I love when she makes me things. When I was a kid I hated making these kids of crafts but that was because I found them pointless and dumb to give to my parents. Most of them I threw in the trash before I even got home. Now that I am parent I want to keep them all. I cherish each of them and they are the highlight of my parental world! I can’t wait till she starts school and we can stay up and work on projects together. Its going to be a great time. Until then I will stick to loving Macaroni art and little chicken drawings!


Every parent should brag on their kid every chance they get!

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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