Is It Normal To Whine?

So I am almost at the end of my parenting whit. I don’t really know what to do at this point. There are times where I want to either lock myself in the bathroom and cry or jump in the car drive an hour up the road. I can’t take it anymore. If I could start drinking I totally would.

These have been my thought for the past few weeks. Not all the time but almost at every dinner and breakfast. The problem is my child whines and cries about EVERYTHING! Yes I mean EVERYTHING! It seems that every morning my wife and I try so hard to get our stuff and hers ready for the day and all my kid wants to do is cry cause Mommy and Daddy won’t let her walk out of the house with no shoes on or won’t let her have any water from her cup cause its for her lunch at school. Then its a battle at dinner cause she wants to get up from the table to play princesses or cries cause she wants a grilled cheese after she told us she wanted tacos. What is a parent to do.

Is every two year this way. I don’t remember my niece being this way when she was two. Every simple thing is a huge fight and frankly I have done everything. I have gave her a firm talking to, I have tried timeout, I have ignored her, I have not made another meal to show her that this is not a restaurant. Is my kid just bad and how do you break your kid of this habit? Is this what you get when you are raising girls? Are boys different?

I feel bad to be so frustrated with her and after I put her in time out I feel pretty bad about it. I could just spank her like my parents did to me. Maybe that will solve it but I don’t want her to think that hitting is ok and that she start doing it.

If anyone has any solutions on how to make the whining stop, I am all ears and I look forward to the advice you give. Thanks in advance!!!

Don’t be fooled by this face! 


Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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