#PregnancyProblems Weeks 9 to 12

 So we have almost made through our first trimester and man I can’t wait! This has been a hard pregnancy for my wife but I have to comment that she has been a real trooper through everything. I know that the life growing insider her is sucking her very own life force and this type of activity has left her a very broken woman.

Since my last pregnancy update, my wife has pooped!! Yes she has pooped and I am so glad. She is still so tired all the time. ALL THE TIME! She still goes to bed before 8:30, which is not that bad but she it has left our marriage dangling at a whole different level. I know this due to the fact that when dinner is done she watches one TV show and then heads upstairs. About five minutes later I hear the sound of snoring. Its the way it is with a pregnant wife.

I bought my wife one of the pregnancy body pillows. I call it her question mark because that is what it looks like she is sleeping in at night. I should have never bought it cause now she never snuggles with me anymore and I am left on my side of the bed feeling lonely. I should have took the advice from the movie The Back Up Plan. If your wife is expecting, stop what you are doing and watch the scene in this movie where Anthony Anderson is giving the male lead advice on pregnancy. It will change your life!

My wife is still getting sick. Last week we were in the car and enjoying a nice conversation when she stopped in mid sentence and held her mouth. I grabbed a CVS bag from the back and was stuck listening to my wife blow chunks while driving down the road. She was driving which in all honesty, is very impressive. My wife has always been great a multi-tasking.

The baby growing inside her is still preventing her from eating Mexican food. Tacos in particular. I found this out the hard way when I made the Mexican pie I posted here a few weeks ago. She could not even be around when I reheated it for K-Dub’s lunch the next day. Its been a real struggle to find things for her to eat. She has been doing a great job with drinking water and staying hydrated.

We have started getting things together for the baby’s room. As many of you know, we have taken the crib our of K-Dub’s room which at the time was very tramatic for her. Now she loves her new bed. At least she acts like it. I think she has not figured out that there is no bars keeping her in. I won’t tell her if you don’t.

Well we are scheduled to find out the gender on May 18th. We are super excited but we are actually not going to find out then. We are going to have the ultrasound and then have the gender wrote on a card and placed in an envelope. We are then going to have balloons blown up and placed in a box where we will open in front of our family and friends so we find out together. I can’t wait!!

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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