The First Jump

 I have to say that my daughter has always been afraid of everything. That is until she tries it for the first time.

This past weekend we decided to go to the pool to cool off from the summer heat. I love summertime and I love the pool even more especially after working out for six days in a row. It is always great to relax and just float. My daughter does not understand this method of relaxation that her father needs and at age two neither did I.

After layering the family with sunscreen, we were all ready to get in. Everyone except K-Dub who fought her way to edge of the pool. I picked her up and she held on to me for dear life and did not want to let go. She was scared and I get that.

After a couple of minutes with Mommy, she started becoming more familiar with the water. She was kicking and splashing. Before I knew it she was jumping in the pool and to my arms over and over again. She was having a great time. Our pool trip was a success and now I can’t wait to bring her back to the pool.

K-Dub’s first jump into the pool was not her only first this weekend. My wife and I made a joint decision to turn her car seat to forward facing. My wife was a little emotional about and so was I. It was just another reminder that our baby is growing up too fast. I guess in a strange way she is making room for her new sister, Everly Mae

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